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An Honest Mama Update

Hey y'all! An Honest Mama Blog is preparing to return and I have some FABULOUS stuff for you! I am busy working on post prep, a giveaway (or two), and of course some fabulous reviews for the new launch! As always you can count me for an honest, blunt, and sometimes comical opinion! While I… Continue reading An Honest Mama Update

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Olay Ultimate Eye Cream-Review

Raising small children is hard, tiring work!(any mom can tell you this) And as moms, our eyes show it first! I tend to have dark circles under my eyes-tired or not, yay genetics! I can actually run on 5/6 hours of sleep but BOY do I look it when I do! So when I got… Continue reading Olay Ultimate Eye Cream-Review

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Walking with Stride Rite

When Layla was little one of hubs aunts bought LJ Stride Rite shoes, and we loved them. The way they fit, the excellent customer service in store and the stylish options they offer make them our go to for toddler and kid shoes. This time around, once CK started standing we got her first pair… Continue reading Walking with Stride Rite

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Baby Badger Wall Saver-Review

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a> A few weeks ago when we started to prepare my Grandparent's house for when we move we realized we needed to get a baby gate (the house is a split level). Well we got the gate, put it up, and it scratched the heck out of the freshly… Continue reading Baby Badger Wall Saver-Review

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Get Organized-Plum Paper Planner

As someone who HAS to stay super organized or I forget things, a planner is a must have. I have bought all kinds of every shape and size. Mead, Five Star, Walmart brand, yearly, monthly, wall planners, and desk planners. A year ago my mom introduced me to Plum Paper Planners.  I fell in love… Continue reading Get Organized-Plum Paper Planner


What’s In My Diaper Bag @ 1 Year

So I have already shown you what diaper bag we use, Skip Hop Forma, and we love it! Over the weekend I decided to take some pictures of what I keep in our bag as well as what it looks like packed up. As someone who tries to be super organized, I tend to pack… Continue reading What’s In My Diaper Bag @ 1 Year

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VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends-Review

Most of the blogs I follow are for one of the following: Fashion-right like I have time and money for that, but I loving reading about it! Reviews-As a mom, I like to be informed. Knowing what toys/products are worth it and which to avoid. "Mom blogs" have saved me many times from purchasing something… Continue reading VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends-Review


My Favorites-Baby’s First Year

As someone who is a tad obsessed with lists, I read tons and tons of them trying to prepare for DD1 and DD2 (five years apart so everything was different). Of course, as with anything parenting related, it is always hands on learning. I will do an everything you need list shortly but today we… Continue reading My Favorites-Baby’s First Year