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I know you’re anxious for the house updates. if you who follow me on social media I have been posting stories on IG as we progress through paint, furniture, and decor. I’ll post when the rooms are mostly decorated. Follow me on the Anhonestmama2018 Instagram to see the move!     5ad85e87-e505-46fb-be64-270ee8d01ac1

We’ve lived in South Carolina for almost a year now and I’ve had several friends anxious to come down and visit for the first time. In our off days we have been working on keeping the kids from getting bored. Right now that means masks and mostly outdoor activities but we gotta keep safe!

Our state is one of the most welcoming states in my opinion, there is SO much to see and do! We have incredible plantations, the grace of Charleston, and all of the gorgeous beaches that make this southern charm a true gem of it’s kind. It allows you to slow down, enjoy the moment, and learn about our history. Of course, there are many fun things to do for your family too ( for those that history is not their favorite). Below are a few family fun ideas you can do with your loved ones while visiting our gorgeous state.

  • Myrtle Beach– The first thing many people think of when they think South Carolina is the famous Myrtle Beach. Truly a trip down here isn’t one until you see this tourist attraction up close and personal. There are several attractions your family is bound to be excited for including gorgeous boardwalk shops, arcade games, and putt golfing on every corner. Plus, you’ll want to make sure to grab your favorite swimwear to change into for the beach as well as for some great pictures of you and your family enjoying the blue waves! 

    For a night out, hubs and I loved going to Legends in Concert to see Elvis

    IMG_8340and Tina Turner. For family fun, be sure to check out Broadway at the Beach- the Aquarium and wide variety of shops make every family member happy! 


  • Patriot Point Naval and Maritime Museum – Any family members that are IMG_7050interested in naval history and enjoy walking around museums? This is a must see. It began in 1975 when the legendary aircraft carrier USS Yorktown entered Charleston Harbor. A few months later was dedicated as the first ship of the Naval & Maritime Museum on the 200th birthday of the United States Navy. Today, it hosts aircraft carrier USS Yorktown as well as 29 other aircraft on display from WWII to the present. There are also Cold War Sub Memorial and Vietnam Support Base camps on the surrounding grounds to take a look at as well. 



  • Rainbow Row & The Battery- If you’ve ever seen gorgeous bright colored homes near one anotherRR, that is the iconic Rainbow Row. This series of homes near the historic waterfront has bright pastel colors and the reason why it’s called Rainbow Row. You might wonder why the homes are all painted different colors and that’s a great question to talk with your children about. Some people believe the homes were used to capture the attention of drunk sailors who might not have been able to find their way home. Others believe that the colors are there to help lower the temperature within the property themselves because it does tend to get extremely hot in this southern state. Regardless, if you’re looking for an iconic spot with some colorful backdrops for new family photos, this is where you’ll want to either hire a photographer or get some great shots of your kids!


  • The Middleton Plantation– South Carolina has several plantations that you can visit and even spend overnight (a couples getaway we hope to have once CoVid-19 minimizes). We’ve visited The Middleton Place National Historic Landmark, an incredible place where the past meets the present on garden paths.

    This landmark is a true treasure to us and to those that come to visit, we even got a membership because it’s a great place to take the kids to run off energy. It can be a bit overwhelming for those who stand on the land as generations of the enslaved and the free lived here, everyone has stories to tell-enlightenment is a wonderful adventure. 

  • Get Around In Style – If you really want to see Charleston in style, be sure to take the worry out of your mind and hire a limo to see these historic places. Executive-Transportation-Charleston-SCA reputable company in our state is called Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co. Not only do they offer limo’s to take you around but they also provide shuttle services to and from the airport as well as wedding transportation if you are here for that event or looking to get married here! The vintage touches on their wedding transportation would be beautiful at a Plantation wedding.  DIY-Drivy-001-1000x0You can also carry more luggage and there is no waiting time or stopovers for any bookings. They offer express non stops for those who need to get to their destination quickly. This friendly company is your solution to living more in the present with your loved ones than worrying about any other distractions going on. They are there to help answer any questions or concerns , make sure to give them a call!

If you find yourself anxious to go on a new adventure in South Carolina, I highly recommend that you come to visit our little state. Are there any places you have heard of and wonder if we have visited for some insight? Where would you like to go first?


An Honest Mama