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Committing to getting these posts up that have been sitting in draft mode for weeks, months, and this one for nearly a year! Life has been chaotic since we packed up, moved cross country, and adjusted to new careers in a new state. One thing the girls still love, GETTING MAIL!

KidBox- Look Good Do Good!

We started using KidBox last year with Layla and recently ordered a box for Charleigh (because she never fits in anything long!) and we are still just as impressed. Our Summer boxes are coming in about two weeks and the girls are already excited!

How does it work? 

Simple. You pay $98 (baby box is only $68) – a stylist picks pieces for your kiddo based on a style quiz you complete at sign up (I let the girls take theirs, with guidance of course)-you get over $200 worth of clothing. It is a subscription type box so it ships seasonally but they send emails in advance so when I need to delay or stop a box it’s super simple!

But my kids are SO different, how will they style BOTH of them?

The clothes are SO precious They coordinate and the stylist works really hard to fit their personality- I also included notes about the girls. For example; Charleigh is SUPER girly and Layla loves sporty outfits. Each of our boxes has been 8-12 pieces so it equals out to $8-$12 a piece- for name brand clothes that I would never be able to get otherwise! They have a huge range of sizes- baby all the way up to size 14- easily able to outfit all three ages of girls we have!

What if my box does not work for my kiddo (size or style)?

We have kept almost every box we have ordered (our first South Carolina box we had to return because the climate was completely different and I forgot to tell the stylist). Returns are easy, you select what you want to return/exchange on the website within 14 days- toss it in the included bag, slap on the label they send, and send it out with UPS! The box we returned was scanned and then the money was back in my account in a few days!

BONUS- KidBox is helping those in need!

One of the things that drew me to KidBox over other boxes we have tried, they CARE about their communities! They believe in making an impact, “With every box you purchase and keep, KIDBOX will help a child in need. #oneboxatatime” When you keep a box your child (or you) get to pick an organization to donate a box to! The girls have loved being able to log in with me and pick who to send a box to!

Layla’s First Box!

Charleigh’s Most Recent Box

Charleigh’s Favorite Item from her last box, this ADORABLE BCBG Dress! We are in a total dress phase and she adores girly details!



An Honest Mama

~~Couldn’t help but include these videos of sassy pants Charleigh showing off some of her favorite looks and her unboxing!~~