Hey Ya’ll!

I finally have some time on my hands to work on the blog! (Yay, social distancing! NOT)

Due to the changes coming everyday in our society as we try to adapt and flatten the curve I thought I would hop back into the blog by talking about a product that was helpful both BEFORE social distancing AND now.

When we started the process of getting ready to move we enrolled Layla in school in South Carolina. I realized she would be taking a bus at this new school and wanted to find a way to stay in contact with her without a phone being used. As both an educator and parent, limiting usage of phones and technology has been important to hubs and I. After plenty of internet and blog searches I kept coming up with GPS watches or parents who said to just get an iphone or itouch. GPS watches and Apple products (though WONDERFUL and we LOVE Apple) are expensive, too expensive for a nine year old to be carrying around to school everyday.


Enter Relay Go A friend sent us list of communicative devices for kids and this was on it. I was just about to give up on finding something that would work for us. Relay is a screen-free, walkie-talkie style phone that allows us to communicate with Layla. It works with both WiFi and 4G LTE. It has GPS tracking, customizable geofences (one of my favorite parts), and SOS alerts (Peace of Mind).

Relay is under $50.00 (we even got ours during a half off sale on Amazon!) and has a monthly service charge. The monthly charge is only $9.99 or $99.90 for a whole year (two months free). There are multiple accessories you can get; we have the loop case and carabiner with lanyard.


When we purchased our Relay last year we got it to help with Layla transition to a bus. It has allowed me to assist her from when I am at work if a bus is late/shows up early so I can have a friend take her to/from school. Setting the geofence lets me know she is safe and within an agreed upon area to bike around the neighborhood with her friends.

Now, with social distancing taking its toll we are finding new ways to use our Relay everyday. Layla is able to talk to family who does not live where we are, super important as we miss the social aspects of our day to day life during this time. We have also found it to be a huge piece of our day to day when I am working at home. She is able to take it outside with her sister and interact, if I need to contact them while I am working I can message them- limiting my interruptions.


I reached out to Relay and they are currently having a sale! The Relays are now just $34.99! If you are ready to get your own go HERE!


How would a Relay help out your family? Let me know via Facebook on Insta or below! Or if you have questions!


An Honest Mama