I know, I know, I know-Savie’s birthday was in March! Yes, I am totally three months behind but better late than never-and in reality I have been preparing to MOVE NINE HUNDRED MILES AWAY! That said our rainbow baby’s first birthday was a success! As per usual, I was stressed the few days before about the details (the cake, food, and her reaction to lots of people), but it turned out wonderful! We used a rainbow theme since she was our rainbow baby and I loved how colorful it turned out!

I made rainbow cupcakes with white buttercream “clouds” and Airhead “rainbows”, a rainbow fruit and veggie tray, and Savie was dressed in her rainbows! Her cake was a labor of love but I am glad it turned out so well! It was cherry chip covered with vanilla buttercream and SPRINKLES everywhere!


She definitely seemed to enjoy it!


  • 17.7 lbs
  •  28.6 in
  • Wears 9 month clothes
  • Says mama, sissy, layla, banana, papa, cheese, and babbles
  • Loves to nurse but also all the cereal and fruits
  • Signs milk and more-blows kisses

I can’t wait to see what new things this big girl does this year!


An Honest Mama