Hey ya’ll,


I know, I know crazy! I have accepted a position with Charleston County Schools in South Carolina as a 7th grade science teacher (yes an actual REAL LIFE teacher!)

We are closing on this house on 7/11 and leaving Michigan on 7/25. We will be staying with my mom and step dad for a bit while we get settled into life there. Then HOPEFULLY, we will build!


My hubs has been talking about moving since we visited two years ago but it was always in the five/ten year plan. We had no idea how to make it happen until a few jobs fell into his lap. The initial job that took him down there for an interview did not work out but once I realized he was serious, I began looking in HR and with my current employer. Then I realized they have an alternative certification program in South Carolina for teaching, Teachers of Tomorrow (we also have it in Michigan and Texas but requirements vary by state).

I sent in my documents and was approved to take Middle Level ScienceĀ  & Social Studies as well as High School Chemistry. I opted for the Science and said a prayer. I began applying to districts in the area and had a few interviews quickly. We had to wait for my results to come back before I would be eligible to be hired. This made things difficult because until we knew I passed and could be employed, we held out on announcing and beginning the house selling process. I got my unofficial scores the first week of June so we listed the house and had two offers in the first three days. We accepted an offer and here we are a month later, about to close.

My official score came in Friday and I signed my offer with Charleston on Tuesday. It honestly feels like a dream come true, I have waited so long to have my own classroom- assuming it was never going to happen outside of VIPKID. I had looked into other programs in Michigan, but everything either required MORE college or going back for a Master PLUS student teaching- that just did not work for us.

Our dreams aside, it has been a bittersweet process, selling our first home. We brought babies to this house, I lost babies in this house, we took our time making it ours, and I will truly miss many memories we created here. But, this house was never our forever home and we knew that. As for the kids; Layla is excited to get a Chromebook at her new school and take the bus but nervous (as I expected her to be), Charleigh asks everyday when we’re leaving, and Savie- she just doesn’t get it yet.

Pictures of our home before and now:

It is definitely scary, moving away from 75% of our families but we are hoping to visit at least once a year and want to build a large enough house to finally have a GUEST room! I have been continuing my therapy sessions and working out has truly been a blessing to relieve the stress from moving. We are excited for being able to be outside and active more often, the schools our girls will be going to are AWESOME, and hubs has literally the world at his fingertips. As a history buff and someone who may just make a career change (time will tell), we look forward to having lots to do!

We hope keep you on our journey as we head south, see you soon!


An Honest Mama