Hey ya’ll-

This week has been absolutely chaotic! Some big changes are coming to the Marsh family soon, great BIG wonderful changes but- stress inducing for sure! As a slightly OCD mom of three girls, cleaning products are rather important in our house. When we started implementing a “family economy” in our household this year, the older girls were assigned chores, this meant I needed cleaning products that worked but wouldn’t hurt the girls when they used them. Enter Grove Collaborative!


I had seen Grove Collaborative everywhere but was hesitant to try it because I was unsure if I would really “need” or like the products. Then we tried a few of the Method brand cleaners and I was in love! They are a customizable auto-ship service (you chose how often) that has all natural cleaners/beauty/home products


I also chose to get a few additional items that I knew I would love and it was great! I paid under $30 for everything pictured below:

  • Method Foaming Bathroom Cleaner- Eucalyptus Mint Scent
  • Method Squirt and Mop for Wood Floors- Almond Scent…TOTALLY HOOKED ON THIS!
  • Method Antibac- Bamboo
  • Mrs.Meyers Gift Set in Lemon Verbena- Multi-cleaner, dish soap, & hand soap
  • Grove Counter Tin- I chose gray
  • Grove Glass bottle with cleaning concentrate- Orange Rosemary scent
  • Grove Microfiber cloths- these are insane, they get up so much more than a paper towel!
  • Grove Walnut scrubbers


They also have a VIP program that I chose to enroll in because of the awesome perks it offers! Its $19.99 a year and you can try it free for sixty days (we are keeping ours!)

  • Free shipping & returns
  • Four free gifts every year
  • Early access to sales
  • Lower “ship now” minimum ($15)

We just moved our auto ship to earlier because I just could not wait! If you love/want quality cleaning supplies that wont break the budget and are safe for your family I totally suggest trying them out!

I got a free five piece set when I signed up and you can too here:  https://www.grove.co/referrer/53455189/

Bye ya’ll


An Honest Mama