Hey Ya’ll!

What if I told you I found a BOMB.COM queen mattress for under $1000? How about under $500? Would you believe me? Probs not. But…. I did and almost three months in, we still love it! We ordered our Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Mattress in February- I am IN LOVE!


I started looking around and asking around for mattress recommendations about a year


ago. Our prior mattress was only 4 years old, cost $1200, and was shot- it sagged and we were both waking up with back issues. Enter social media! Is started asking for rec’s- I got Casper, Purple, Zinus, Lull, and a few others. I started researching and reading reviews. We made a list of our “requirements”-

  • Comes in a box
  • Under $500
  • “Firm” feel
  • Had a warranty

Zinus marked off all the boxes for us AND I loved that they have mattress infused with green tea and ActivCharcoal to reduce mattress smell! We ordered off of Amazon so we could get two day shipping and it arrived in the box! We loved that Zinus offers a 10 year warranty, though even if we get two years we will be better off than we were with the previous Serta mattress we had.


We assembled the bed frame (also from Amazon, here) and opened it up. We did put a piece of plywood down under it since hubs has back issues and needs a very firm sleeping space. We added a waterproof mattress cover because…foam + kids + dogs… better safe than sorry! We ordered this one, with our mattress and bed-frame!img_2959

The bed took about an hour to be “mostly shaped”  and after about a day it was complete and we have been in love ever since! I will say it took a few days to adjust to, given how fallen and soft our old mattress had become. I will say my favorite part is that we don’t wake each other when we get in and out of bed anymore. As we get up at different times, it has really been a blessing to sleep through hub’s alarm.

Thanks y’all

An Honest Mama

**I was not given a product or paid for this review- all review details are my own**