Hey ya’ll!

You may not know but April is International Cesarean Awareness Month. As a mama of three beautiful girls born to me this way it is close to my heart. Though all three of our sections were vastly different, they all got our girls safely to our arms. Not sure if I will write the older girls birth stories at some point but to summarize…

Layla’s failed induction turned to a c-section after over 30 hours of labor and stalling at a 3.5cm.  Layla’s section was very traumatic for me and resulted in hemorrhaging and a difficult recovery. Her delivery actually caused some PTSD that our therapist thinks may have come to consciousness when I struggled with post-partum anxiety after Charleigh’s delivery. With Charleigh was actually planned for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) however I was in a car accident that resulted in elevated blood pressure and a scheduled section. Though I wanted a VBAC with her, the delivery was actually quite healing from our previous experience.

With Savannah we completely switched medical practices, I did a lot of research, lowered my weight gain during pregnancy, and walked daily in hopes of a VBA2C. Our midwives were hopeful and I made it successfully to 40 weeks. However, during a review of the prior practices surgery notes there was a concern that my uterus was not thick enough to support a vaginal delivery. A emotional ten phone calls and a c-section was scheduled for the next day (40 weeks 1 day) which was a Saturday (also the day before Easter). We got up early- I barely slept as they warned if I went into labor it was important to immediately go to the hospital. We dropped off the kids with great-grandma, did Easter with them, and headed to the hospital. After we checked in, we found out I was contracting 7-8 minutes so it was good that we had scheduled the section for that day.


Because we had seen the midwives our whole pregnancy I asked if we could still have one present at birth and they obliged. We were taken back so they could do the spinal and the mood was very light-hearted in the OR. We were excited to see our girl and ready to get the surgery done with. Surgery went so smoothly and the thinness they were concerned about was not nearly as bad as expected. Our midwife, Amy, was wonderful. She walked me through what was going on, took pictures, and even a video- things I have grown to treasure so much. After the surgery was over, they wheeled us to recovery and family came in to see us. She latched so well, so quick- way to make my mama heart happy!


Recovery was easy this time around: I did not get an infected scar this time, bled minimally, and felt back to myself around 4-6 weeks post partum. The only things that were different from Charleigh’s section recovery was gas that I developed after- was horrible, happy to now know the signs of this! I am very thankful we were in good hands that made the right choices with the limited knowledge they had from prior surgeries. We avoided a hemorrhage and kept everything in tact should we chose to grow our family in the future.

Mesh panties, binder, and hospital gown for the win!

Keep your eyes peeled for a C-Section Honest Mama Suggestion List coming your way soon!


An Honest Mama