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Are you a mama? Do you have ZERO time to shop for hours in different cute boutiques for your kiddos? Looking for an awesome gift for a baby shower? If any of these (or all) are you, this post is perfect for you! Mac & Mia is a subscription box for stylish kids clothes. 

Last year we tried out the Cat & Jack box from Target (we fell IN LOVE) then it was discontinued. Frustrated because spending hours shopping for cute clothes, in sizes I need for three kids sounds like absolutely NO fun (I love shopping). I was looking for subscription boxes online for kids and found Mac & Mia

Mac & Mia Box- How It Works

  1. Take the style quiz and enter your kiddo(s) info!
  2. A stylist contacts you via email or text (my stylist is Elizabeth, she is AWESOME!)
  3. Tell your stylist any specifics (like I am looking for a sweet spring dress or my toddler hates pants haha). They will select 8-12 pieces just for you! Your box comes in the mail in 2-5 days.
  4. TRY ON SESH!!! You have FIVE business days to decide.
  5. Keep what you love-Make sure to give feedback to your stylist
    • 2+ items = your styling fee goes to the purchase
    • Whole Box=styling fee to the purchase AND 15% off
    • Nada= only out your styling fee
  6. Ship your items you don’t wish to keep back (FREE at a UPS store) in the provided bag!
  7. Order more 🙂

An Honest Mama Deal

If you would like $20 off your purchase (not the styling fee)- so if you like 2+ items you would get $40 off! Here is my referral link: http://macmia.me/mbRMe


Our Box

We ordered a box for Charleigh after we realized she owns nothing besides leggings and tees since most of Layla’s old clothes in her size are not season appropriate.

You can include a note to your stylist with suggestions/requests. Ours to Elizabeth was: “Girly and Bright Spring pieces that coordinate well. Affordable Spring coat in a bright color or print would be awesome!”

I loved our pieces that we received. Downside is I ordered at an odd season time in Michigan- some pieces were too warm and some too cold. We decided to keep the jeans- they were AWESOME (she normally hates them) and she kept a dress, totally kicking myself for not keeping the tiny print floral dress. Savannah’s box will be ordered in April, I can’t wait! I did a video un-boxing on Instagram if you head over there, its under the highlights for Mac & Mia——-> An Honest Mama IG

Her favorite- Mauve Cold Shoulder Dress (“Mama I can TWIRL!”)

Large Print Floral Suede Dress, Embroidered Dress, Butter Soft Floral Leggings, Gold Sequin Purse, and Tiny Floral Dress (Kicking myself for not keeping the last dress!)

Red Gingham Bow, White Crochet Top, Striped Hoodie, and Jeans (KEPT THE JEANS-They are so soft, stretchy, and fit her so well!)

Lavender Jeans and a Pink Crop Top!


My favorite part is I was not committed to anything! The only thing I was out was $20 if I didn’t keep ANYTHING in the box. I love that you can schedule boxes on your time; I did not have to commit to something monthly, weekly, or even annually- just as needed!

This post is not paid for, we purchased a box on our own and wanted to share our opinions!


Thanks Everyone!


An Honest Mama

Side note; (Clearly this un-boxing caused Charleigh to turn into a model….)