Ok ya’ll the time has come, many of you have asked for an honest review of my VIPKID teaching and here it is! I wanted to wait until I had finished out a complete contract with VIPKID to do a review, I had a vast amount of information going in as my mother is in her second year with VIPKID. But, I want people to make an informed decision of if it is for them, how it all works, and of course help someone out if I can!

  • What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a global education company. For me, this means I teach English to (typically) children in China online. It has been a wonderful way for our family to pay down debt, pay for Christmas, and afford two vacations in 2019. The income is wonderful, but for me, it is fulfilling in a way that my day job is not. I love teaching and children, but teaching to a completely different culture is a whole new sense of fulfillment for me. Below are my stats as a teacher, if you have questions feel free to use that email!


  • Do you actually get paid? How much?

Of course I actually get paid! I get paid bi monthly- typically around the 10th and the 30th. The pay scale can be confusing because it is a range. Ill post my compensations below, that was something that really helped me when I was trying to make a decision (seeing how much money people actually make). At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 from VIPKID, I take my taxes out monthly and set aside- how you want to do this truly depends on your financial situation and your tax information. Personally- I am paid $16 an hour PLUS an additional $2 an hour when I show up on time (SUPER EASY AND MAKES SENSE) and when I complete 45 classes a month. Below are my actual pay amounts. Please I started on July 14th with VIPKID I was signed up for monthly pay, I am now bi-monthly, hence the first/second half checks in the winter.

  • How do you teach?

I teach in 25 minute increment classes (so $9 for a half hour for me) online in the VIPKID platform. We have a browser or an app for the class, whichever you prefer. Though the app has awesome features like stickers and virtual rewards for the kids! The set up is very similar to Skype (I see them, they see me) and I teach the curriculum designed by VIPKID. As a Mama, I almost never need props when I teach- “Hellllloooooo playroom toys” but I have bought a few (like flashcards for letters).

You chose what certifications you want to have. For example, during your interview phase you are given certifications you “qualify” for based on that phase then can request and test into others. I am certified for: Trials, Voice of VIPKID (singing, which is SO fun!), Level 1 and Level 2. This means I am 80% of the time teaching kids who know little to ZERO English and are usually under seven years old. I am in the process of working on my TESOL certification (makes you highly marketable) and Level 3. Here is a picture of a class session, for my student’s privacy, they get a smiley face! My face goes on the bottom right when the camera is open. This student in particular, loves to draw me pictures before class begins. If you look at the blue writing, they drew a flower!


  • Ok, I am so confused. Walk me through this!

So you are hired. Everything is uploaded. This is where the waiting begins for many, this job is legit and takes work but in the beginning I told myself if I got one booking the first month to be excited. Why?? Because these parents have to FIND you! I received my first booking my first week and around month 2-3 I was fully “booked” (meaning I was teaching all hours I chose to.

Think about it like a Facebook profile:

  • I have a bright and cheery profile picture
  • A paragraph blurb about me
  • A video welcoming parents and introducing myself
  • Two photos, one of me and one of my family
  • My degrees and experience are listed

Once parents find you, and view your “time slots” (times you can teach, more about this in a minute). They can book you for that slot. Once you’re booked, I review the lesson five minutes in advance to read about the child and the lesson (check for props!) and begin class at the scheduled time. 25 minutes of having a blast later…. you enter feedback and you’re done! Below was my profile picture during the summer with the “background” of my virtual classroom!



  • WHEN do you teach Leanee? You work a full time job and have three kids?

You mean four kids right? My husband totally counts some days :*

This will vary for everyone depending on your availability and where you live. Below is the chart for when classes are available to open. Keep in mind this will fluctuate with DST (daylight savings time) as China is not in observance.

vipkid hours

I am in EST here in Michigan. Currently I teach 530-730am Monday-Saturday and take Sundays off. This currently makes me about $800 a month. When I started out I opened everything I could! I was teaching mornings and the nights that I could. I burned out quickly but built a great base of regular (students I see weekly) students. My schedule changes when the kids are not home or I feel like working a weekend night. The wonderful part is I can change my schedule (as long as I haven’t gotten a slot booked there) on the fly. Its a flexible schedule that I can choose WHEN I want to work. Below is a sample of a week I worked in January. The names are students that I taught that week.


  • You are crazy to be so busy! How do you do it?

This true! Well, 90% of the time I am teaching before my kiddos get up and I am pumping anyways so I may as well be productive! Also, VIPKID has plans to open up to many more countries in the next three years so I would LOVE to make this full time in the future! I want to teach our girls that if they want something and are passionate about it, they can do it!

  • Do I have to be a teacher to work for VIPKID?

Well I am not, so no! You do need:

  1. A four year degree….In anything
  2. Computer with camera (external or internal)
  3. Headset
  4. WiFi
  5. Some sort of experience with kids

I have my own kids, worked in a daycare, and subbed in schools. I have a four year degree in Psychology.

  • This sounds fantastic! BUT…. I have questions, can you help?

Of course! Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media and I would love to help!

  • This sounds fantastic… How do I apply?

Go here: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/mkt/landing/personal?referralToken=b7c27cb2cb162ed53c0051b3c18bdffe&refereeId=17835956

That’s it y’all, there ain’t no more!


An Honest Mama