Hey y’all!

Life in the Marsh house has been chaos (per usual with three kids haha). Savannah is crawling around and eating food, CK and Layla are doing well in school (third grade for Layla and 1 day a week preschool for CK), Chris has been talking to a few companies for CNC work, and I have been busting butt working my full-time job & doing VIPKID. Enough about us, let’s get to the good stuff!

I received this high chair as part of a testing group and we loved it so much we donated another high chair we had! Being a mom for the last eight years, an auntie for seven, and working with children for more than half my life I have definitely used my fair share of high chairs! We have had some that were OK, some that needed some major changes, and some that were tossed all together!


This high chair has it ALL. Three trays, yes you need that many! One handed push button to move the trays. Trays are dishwasher safe. Cover is washer safe. Adjustable height. Adjustable recline. Basically- it’s the best high chair ever!

That said it is BIG! But space is not an issue and you want a high chair with the functions listed above this high chair is for you! The high chair can be used for two kids at once- HOW? The top portion of the seat removes to attach to a dining room chair and leaves a toddler booster. This would be perfect if you have two kids under the age 3/4 so everyone can still have a seat!

I mentioned the seat has FOUR trays- this is something that seems excessive… until you have a child or two. The top tray removes when dirty so if switching meals…or lets face it- if mom hasn’t had time to wash it by lunch from breakfast time- you still have a fresh tray! There is a smaller tray underneath like many other high chairs, EXCEPT it pushes to slide back! One of our favorite high chairs had this little tray which was great for snacks but getting baby in and out was a pain because it did not move! The fourth tray is a “parent tray.” The front of the high chair has a slide out tray to store silverware/bowls/etc that you want out of babies reach while feeding. Its genius for when those little hands want all the things!

Seat adjusted down

The height of the actual high chair is adjustable which is convenient for when using it as a toddler seat (they can get in and out). In addition it meets the needs for different table heights or feeding baby in a different room. The seat cover/straps are machine washable, we have washed three times already and they still wash great! The back of the seat also reclines to assist with a baby drinking from a sippy cup or a more relaxed child.



The seat does fold and the tray attaches to the back leg but at a size like this, with a toddler seat, it cannot fold flat. This makes the seat ideal for larger spaces or families with a need for multiple seating!

Overall, we LOVE this high chair! The only negative for us is that the back legs do not have wheels, this is not an issue for us just a preference in high chairs! Ours gets used every single day and the most valuable function to the high chair is that I can simply push a button to swing the trays out-of-the-way, something 90% of high chairs do not have.

-An Honest Mama-