Hey y’all!

An Honest Mama Blog is preparing to return and I have some FABULOUS stuff for you! I am busy working on post prep, a giveaway (or two), and of course some fabulous reviews for the new launch! As always you can count me for an honest, blunt, and sometimes comical opinion! While I am busy working on the re-launch of An Honest Mama feel free to give any feedback on the new layout, style, or any content you would want to see covered! To hold ya’ll over here is an update on our life for the past year or so!

An Honest Mama has been on hiatus since October 2016 so I will run through a brief run down of our last year and a half. There will be more in depth lifestyle posts on the important milestones 🙂

October 2016 we had just prepared to move out of our rental because the crazy cost of renewing our lease while trying to save for a house. In November 2016 I lost my job and could not have been more thankful we had not renewed our lease. I started nanny-ing a few kids to bring in income so we could save more to purchase our first home.


In January 2017 we started the home search and let me just say-I am NOT looking forward to home buying again. We looked at house after house, put in offer after offer, and ultimately had to make sacrifices so we could find a home by Spring (we were staying with family and did not want to over stay our welcome). Our realtor was FABULOUS and if your’re looking for a home in Michigan I would be happy to get y’all in touch. We found a home close to Layla’s school, in our price range, and large enough for the family we were building- just missing a large backyard and a second bathroom (NEVER AGAIN HAHA). We closed on the house on March 17th, 2017 and moved in that day. Home-ownership has been a journey but I would not trade it for the world.

Once we settled into the house I added a few more nanny kids and things were going well. We had some struggles while nannying (more on this at a later time) but we made it work. In July last year we took our first family vacation to South Carolina to see my parents and grandma. Sadly we lost my grandma in late summer so it was such a miracle that our girls were able to see her one last time.

During all of this we suffered two chemical pregnancies (November 2016 and March 2017) and a miscarriage in May 2017. The struggle to add to our family was rough for me but we were blessed with our rainbow baby, Savannah, born this March. When I found out I was pregnant with Savannah I had started to look for a more steady income and found that in returning to the bank I worked at from 2014-2016.

This year has been a joy ride and its over half way done! Chris took a new job on which has been such a blessing financially but takes him away for long hours, I started a graduate student program, Chris went back to college, Savannah was born in March, Layla is starting 3rd grade in a new school, and Charleigh begins part time preschool this Fall. The days are long but the years are truly short.


I have been keeping up with product reviews for the last year so I have a wealth on knowledge on new baby gear/house products to come to the blog soon. I recently started teaching ESL online with VIPKID and I LOVE it. Hoping that I will soon hit the point that I can return home with our girls doing what I love from home! I think I have given you the important details from the last year and a half with the Marsh Family and I cannot wait to be the Honest Mama again.


Honest Mama