The scale is NOT your friend. Why? Because I crept back up to 198 even with being more consistent with workouts! However….. I fit into my size 10 work pants sooo, numbers are not everything. I have been tracking what I eat more and started carb cycling again last week and am already down 4.5 lbs again so maybe just a scale fluke or muscle?

Honestly, the hardest part in what I am now going to call the “Get Healthy Updates” because I am not JUST about losing weight but getting healthier overall, is staying consistent and dealing with body dysmorphia. I had a few rough trips to the gym where I couldn’t seem to hit my mile again but yesterday I had a breakthrough and was able to run straight through for the first time in a month (over 14 minute mile but whatever,  I will take progress). I have to remember that sometimes I can’t get to the gym and that is ok, to just do my best with my eating and take a walk if I can with the girls.

I’ll being doing measurements Friday to see where I am at with that!