Raising small children is hard, tiring work!(any mom can tell you this) And as moms, our eyes show it first! I tend to have dark circles under my eyes-tired or not, yay genetics! I can actually run on 5/6 hours of sleep but BOY do I look it when I do!

So when I got the email from BzzAgent for the new campaign starting with Olay, I KNEW I had to jump in! We already use several Olay products in our home (body wash, body lotion, and their mask) and I love that they do not mess with my SUPER sensitive skin.


I got the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream (a sample and then my own) and I love it! Not only did it get rid of my puffy eyes that I have in the morning but made me look like I didn’t have any dark circles *Cue the Applause!*

For my photos below I used the cream a night, morning, night, and then again before getting ready. My favorite part about the Ultimate Eye Cream was that it has a tint to it so it works just like concealer! My next step is to go pick up some of the Illuminating Eye Cream which has a hydrator in it (my eye area gets super duper dry!)


white-640x121Until next time ya’ll