Hey everyone, we finally are settled in from moving and I started up back at the gym this week which feels AH-MAZ-ING. However, life has it’s curve balls.

The last I posted PPA was creeping its sneaky way back into our lives and in the last two weeks it hit hard. I made an appointment with a new doctor and got put on a different medication than the Zoloft. The side effects are not pleasant (dizziness, feverish, and nausea for about an hour after) but I will power through for now. The anxiety was taking over making it hard to communicate with my husband, LJ, and hard to focus at work.

I honestly did not realize how bad it was until the Doctor asked if I was having obsessions. I didn’t want to answer because I knew I was. I was pacing, checking on the girls constantly, double and triple checking my work. I was a mess (now just a mess in progress ) ๐Ÿ™‚

I was hard to admit but I am happy I did. There are still some hard moments and hard days but I would much rather have mostly happy with some anxiety scattered around than it taking ahold of my life.

In other news:

I have become pretty decent at crocheting, I completed a blanket and am working on my second for a few friends that are expecting. It is so soothing and helps the anxiety while giving me something to focus on and look forward to.

Not sure where I am at weight wise, I know I gained a bit back from not working out regularly and stress but my clothes are getting loose so I am not going to stress the scale.

CK is still fighting whatever sickness/disease. They put her on a round of antibiotics, she was fine for a week and then BAM cough and wheezing is back. I have gotten MAYBE 10 hours of sleep in the last 3 nights. ย Last night she was making weird gasping and gagging sounds so I let her sleep on me in the recliner for a bit, was worried we were going to be making a trip to the ER with her.

LJ is doing good, having a tough time in school because they switched out her teacher (who she LOVED) and they currently just have a sub. As someone who is decent in math and has a teaching background, I speak for most families when I say: I HATE FACT FAMILIES. Trying to explain this to a six year old, SUCKS ๐Ÿ™‚

Hubs is Hubs, trying to get some OT so we can pay down some of this debt faster and get a house!

Started to get back into It Works now that we are getting into a routine again and I have a desk to work on. Feels good and hoping and working towards some big things that would help us significantly with our financial goals. Pretty blessed to have teh team I have of ladies that are there for me on a down day to bring me up and to cheer me on when I am at the top!

Stay tuned, I should be back around now and I have a review coming this week too!