img_3793Our oldest often says things that I honestly cannot believe she comes up with. Thursday night she went with me to visit our cousin and her baby which brought out a slew of hilarious musings of a six year old girl.

“Mom, does it hurt to have a baby?”

-Yes honey but it is worth it

“Well then I only want one baby, I mean if it happens and I get more, it happens. But I only would like one”

-Well then why are you telling me to have more babies?

“Because you are my mom and I like brothers and sisters. You already had the pain, you’ll be ok”


“Mom why does the hospital keep you after you have a baby?”

-Because they have to make sure you and the baby are healthy and safe

“Well once the baby is out they should just send you home or let you live here”


(To my cousin) “Where did your baby come out of?”

-I’ll let your mom explain that


-Because my mom explained it to me and your mom can explain it to you


(To every baby she sees) “It’s so cute, I love them”

This is just SOME of what our spontaneous, smart little girl’s thoughts. Be prepared as I write some more down to share 🙂