It Takes a VillageAnyone who knows me probably knows just how OFTEN I use this phrase. We had LJ at a young age and were just not ready to be parents. We relied on our families for everything because we did not have a choice. I worked 2 jobs and went to school, Chris worked, and life was just super chaotic for us. When LJ was little my MIL watched her Friday nights after work into Saturday afternoon’s since I worked super early on Saturday morning. And my dad would watch her Sunday night and take her to daycare for a half day on Mondays to cut down on care cost. We are SO incredibly blessed to have the family who has helped us financially, emotionally, and physically,

I always thought the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” was stupid. It takes a mom and a dad. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only does it take a village but I honestly believe that when you let family and friends be involved (obviously if it is a positive involvement) it creates a warm and supportive environment for your children. People might think we are strange because our girls (particularly LJ) spend a ton of time with family. But, not only did she spend time with grandparents as a baby because it was needed but each part of our family was able to contribute something to her life and development as a young girl. That aunt/grandparent/cousin/etc will have those moments with her and she will become who she is because of the time spent with them.

I know without a doubt I can call my in-laws or my parents and they are fully capable of watching our girls and the girls will benefit from it (Plus side for grandparents-watching your grandkids is good for your health, seriously, look it up!) My husband and I both spent quite a bit time with our grandparents and I think that is why we have chosen this path. It may not be for everyone but it works for us.

I have talked about surrender and it relates to this because I had to surrender to the help from family first. I had to understand that, guess what? I CANNOT DO IT ALL. And even more importantly, I don’t want to.

I have been struggling lately with both girls getting older. Having a first grader who officially does the Whip/NaeNae (cue eye roll please) and tells us she doesn’t ever want to get married and move away from us . Having a one year old who will sit in mommys lap and point at each part of my face when I ask her too, who no longer needs a bottle or a song to go to sleep. I struggle because I am sad to see them grow but SO incredibly happy for the girls they are becoming. I know, truly, that their personality and development is not all hubs and I (we had a LOT of help).

Honestly and truly, they make me such a proud Momma.