Registering for a baby shower is one of the most exciting parts during pregnancy, at least for me! However, the list they give you at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, or Target=Totally over the top. I mean come on, no one honestly needs everything on that list!


An Actual “Must Have Checklist” provided for soon to-be Mommas. This not a must have list! As someone who has had two babies and been around children my whole life, including working in a daycare, this list is BS. I will start at the Top…


Need- Crib (ours is from Ikea, super cost friendly), Mattress, Dresser, Hamper, Hangers

Makes Life Easier-Changing table, Glider

Not Needed- Nightstand? Not needed for several years.


Need-Fitted Sheets (you do NOT need 4-6, 2 or 3 is plenty enough), Mattress pad/waterproof pad (ours is both and we have them layered. Pad, Sheet, Pad Sheet~ makes clean up SUPER easy!), Changing table pad (if you have a table obviously. We have one as the middle is easy clean and I just wash it with the rest of our linens), Receiving Blankets (4 is plenty enough), Swaddle blankets (you can either use swaddleme, which hubs and I love. Or use a muslin blanket, Meijer brand is affordable and just as nice as more pricey brands).

Makes Life Easier- Crib Set (cute and all but other than sheets you can’t use much until they are over a year…..), Wearable Blankets (we have two that are great for when baby gets chilly and you cannot use a blanket yet)

Not Needed- Sheet Savers (excess cloth in the crib and totally unnecessary), Changing table covers (see above haha), Crib blankets (I’m sorry but there is no difference between crib and receiving blanket….)


After having two kids I say go the convertible route, particularly if you plan to baby wear. The infant seat last us 5 months then she had to go into the convertible seat anyways. We carried 90% of the time when she was little and lifting that stupid infant seat was not helpful after a C-Section….

Strollers & Carriers-

Need-Travel System or Traditional Stroller (depends on your price point and if you like the options. We were able to get a stroller and carseat that worked together for cheaper than a system and I could pick what we wanted), Carrier (definitely a need for us. We still use our carrier at one year old!), Diaper Bag (get a cheap one to start and find what you need later)

Makes Life Easier- Umbrella Stroller (now that DD2 is over a year we use this when just making short walking trips to save on space in the car, super light weight and doesn’t take up much space in the car!)


This section depends widely on how you plan to feed your baby (pumping, breastfeeding, formula, or a combination). My list is based on a working mom who breastfeeds/pumps.

Need- Pump (Double pump, I recommend Spectra or Medela Symphony), Nursing Pads (I had disposable and washable, washable showed through my clothing more often but worked great at night), Breast Milk Bags (Lansinoh freeze flat!), 8-10 8oz/9oz bottles (you will use these much longer than the 4oz bottles), Slow, Medium, and Fast Nipples, Bibs (only need 5-10 depending how often you do laundry, we have wayyyy too many), Pacifiers (I recommend getting a few brands and then buying more once you know what baby will take), Highchair (ours converts to a booster too! Yay for dual-functionality), Diaper Inserts (as burp clothes, I realize this is not on the list but I hate burp clothes that you buy. They are more expensive, cannot be bleached, and are not as thick!), and Teething Necklaces (they are great for nursing or teething babies and Etsy has great small shop items for excellent prices!), a hands free bra (thank me later), Lanolin or Coconut Oil.

Makes Life Easier- Nursing pillow (Myself and several other moms have found that nursing pillows do not always work, I found using a regular bed pillow to be more effective than the boppy or mombo we have),  4 oz bottles (only last for about 2 months so you don’t NEED them but if you want them have at it!)

Not Needed-Baby support pillow (yea no), Burp cloths (see above!), Pacifier holder (I use a ziploc, works just fine), Teethers (you have no idea when your baby will be teething and both ours girls prefered frozen washcloths or a teething necklace over any teether we could find!), special soap for bottles (pricey and doesn’t work as effectively as dawn anyways).


Need- Newborn Diapers (get one small box, you may not even use it haha), Size 1 and 2 Diapers (2-3 boxes of each), I don’t recommend more than that because diapers ALWAYS fit every child differently. Wipes (5-8 boxes, you go through wayyy more of these and can be used for everything from wiping butts to your dashboard in the car), Diaper cream (I personally like the one below for stubborn rashes, you get it from the pharmacy without a script, and use coconut oil for minor outbreaks!)

Image result for otc diaper rash cream

Makes Life Easier Diaper pail and refills (we did’t have one with LJ and I wish we would have, this time around I ❤ our Munchkin Pail!)

Bathing & Infant Care-

Need- Baby bath tub (we had the soft sling kind and prefer it to the hard one we had with LJ as we could bathe her in the sink or tub and it held her better as a newborn), washcloths (you do not need 10-12…. one pack is plenty enough here), Shampoo/Wash/Lotion (we use J&J Lavender and Aveeno shampoo, even with super sensitive skin kids J&J hasn’t ever been an issue for us ), Grooming Kit (has little scissors, nail clippers, brush, comb, etc you will use it trust me), Thermometer (most people already have one in their house but if you don’t…), Humidifier/Air Purifier (we have the humidifier, our house has a filter on the air and furnace so no purifier for us), Nasal aspirator (I know it’s gross and I swore I would never buy one….but we LOVE the Nosefrida. I promise the first cold your kid gets you will thank me).

Not Needed- Infant towels (our regular towels are bigger, softer, and work just fine), infant Laundry detergent (using a sensitive or natural detergent just as fine and doesn’t cost you twice as much)


Clothing varies (I say register for what you will NEED as people will bring clothes no matter what and you can fill in later with what you want/fits baby)

Need- Newborn sizes (2-3 sleepers, a pack of onesies, a pack of pants….your child may not even fit in these). 0-3/3 Months ( 5-7 sleepers, a pack of onesies, 2 packs of pants,2-4 outfits, socks. A pack of onesies and pants for  3-6/6 and 6-9/9. Once you establish your child’s size and how quickly they are growing you can get more clothes and obviously weather appropriate clothing.

Not Needed- Mittens (didn’t use them either time), side snap shirts (took two from the hospital then kept the girls in pjs or onesies until their cord fell off.


Need- Monitor (we have a audio only Vtech one that we love and can be made sensitive to only baby cries vs every single noise), Gates (only if you need it), First aid kit (I like to think everyone already has one but….)

Makes Life Easier- Outlet/Cabinet protection (don’t honestly need until baby is crawling/walking)


Honestly none of this is a NEED but these are just my thoughts….

Need- Pack and Play with 2 sheets ( great for once they are mobile and you need to keep them safe for a bit or visiting friends/family. Ours had a bassinet so it had that dual-functionality I love haha).

Makes Life Easier-Swing/Bouncer (we chose to get one that did both to save money and space), baby mat with toys (can also put baby down on a blanket with some toys), Books (one or two and let any family get what they think would be nice. I registered for none either time and still have a decent baby/kid library, also mom to moms are the BEST place to get books).

Not Needed- Jumper (biggest waste of money both times for us on top of the fact that they are not used for long), DVDS.Music (this is for a baby not you, totally not needed).


Hope this helps any soon to be mommas! Happy Registering!