As someone who HAS to stay super organized or I forget things, a planner is a must have. I have bought all kinds of every shape and size. Mead, Five Star, Walmart brand, yearly, monthly, wall planners, and desk planners. A year ago my mom introduced me to Plum Paper Planners.  I fell in love immediately! Not only was it small business (which I love supporting), but I could customize what I needed! The planner I used from last summer to Aug 2016 was the Family Planner- this one is the one I had

ME Planner

I was still in school when I got my planner so I chose the family planner as I could customize the weekly sections for each family member. My sections down the left read: Leanee, Chris, Layla, Charleigh, School, Dinner, Misc

Below is what the weekly section looks like and you can see where the sections are on the left side. This worked out perfectly so I knew each day what was going on with school for me and then everyone else’s plans as well as meal planning.

ME Planner

This year, when my mom asked what i wanted I knew I wanted to change it up. I loved last years planner but i wanted a full size one (I have large handwriting) and I didn’t need all the sections now that CK is over a year and I graduated in April (Whoop Whoop)!

This year I chose the large horizontal weekly planner and I LOVE it! I added a photo of the girls this year too and really like the print I chose for the cover! I just simply cannot function without a planner, I need to write things down or I feel like I am constantly forgeting something!


I have just started ordering stickers so the inside is super plain right now but I love it so far! It is notebook size (8.5×11) so I can tuck it into my work tote. I have plenty of room to write and I love the larger pocket I have in the back that I can keep my budget in! On of my favorite features of Plum Paper Planners is the plastic cover to protect the planner. I could never make a planner last a year until I used these!

This is a monthly view of what I have down currently- just a little washi tape and some colored pens. My weekly views I’ll do when I get some stickers and show ya’ll then!


How do you stay organized? If you use a planner like I do, what is your favorite sticker shop? Until next time,