What’s In My Diaper Bag @ 1 Year

So I have already shown you what diaper bag we use, Skip Hop Forma, and we love it! Over the weekend I decided to take some pictures of what I keep in our bag as well as what it looks like packed up. As someone who tries to be super organized, I tend to pack the same way all the time so I do not forget anything. When I am visiting one of my cousins, I’ll have to do this post for a newborn for anyone interested.

Our Forma Fully Packed! You can get your own here

When we were looking for a diaper bag we wanted:

Flat straps, lots of pockets, under $100, and a place to put mom and dad’s stuff!

This is everything that is in the interior pocket of the bag

Whats in it

A Blanket, Two outfits, her bathing suit, a hat, a lovely, a sippy cup filled with teddy grahams that can be used for water after (dual purpose!), and sunscreen.

The exterior pocket that has a wet/dry pouch and an insulated pouch

Outside Bag

Wet/Dry Bag: Empty ziploc for wet clothes, ziploc of wipes, diaper rash cream, 4 diapers, and an over night diaper.

Insulated bag: emergency baby food (in case she refuses what we are eating), a spoon, two bibs

Our cups

Gerber sippy cup with Greens in it- goes in the side pocket!

Let me know if you have any questions!




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