Moms, let’s be honest, we struggle with taking care of ourselves. It is just how things work. We take care of the house, our marriage, and our kids before us.

The best part of going to the gym has been that I get an hour to focus ONLY on me. I can get out frustration, listen to motivational videos, let my worries go, or just enjoy the runner’s high! Yes, it is hard. After coming home from work, eating dinner, playing with kids and bathing them, the LAST thing I want to do is go to the gym. But, I make myself go, and I never regret it!

The last week has been chaotic! CK and I both got sick and part of us being sick meant me monitoring her breathing for wheezing and me taking asthma treatments, not exactly opportune time to go work up a sweat. I don’t believe in excuses but I do believe that I needed to be home so that is where I was. I made it two the gym only 2 times last week and did not eat the healthiest but I OWN that my decisions and only mine. I went to the gym last night and was pleased to see….. 181.5 (another pound down so I will take it!)

Last night: I biked 1.5 miles, did legs and abs, and then ran almost two miles! Sidenote: I fell on my booty at the gym- super embarrassing and an elderly lady asked if I was ok. How? I was wearing yoga pants and my cotton shirt pulled up while I was doing crunches on a balance ball….Went sliding right off! Oh well!