Most of the blogs I follow are for one of the following:

  1. Fashion-right like I have time and money for that, but I loving reading about it!
  2. Reviews-As a mom, I like to be informed. Knowing what toys/products are worth it and which to avoid. “Mom blogs” have saved me many times from purchasing something that I would have hated or informing me of new products
  3. General parenting/life blogging- much like a journal for myself


For CK’s birthday we really wanted to get her something interactive so we started with the Vtech Go! Go! Line. We got her the Clinic and she got the house and parking structure from my MIL and Granny. Let me tell you, these sets are SO cool. They can all join together-a reason why we NEED a house ASAP next year ;P

The sets were super easy to put together- only downside is trying to get the stickers on right. Luckily I have little hands so hubs didn’t have to worry about this part. We put together 3 sets within a 90 minute time span between the two of us, with CK trying to “help.”

This set was the easiest and smallest to put together. Doctor Doug is the Smart Friend in this set and he also makes noises and sounds in the other playsets (they all work together). We did have a manufacturing issue with ours ( in the front right the post from the top did not connect to the bottom panel) however, we contacted Vtech and they sent us a return label and we already have a new set on the way. Super easy to work with! IMG_3055

  • Second Set- Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset 

    This set is probably my favorite! The song the Van sings is Super catchy and happy! You can change where the van slides down by moving tracks and closing off the ramk. CK loves watching the van zoom down the slide and since we have other sets connected…. seeing it go over to them and bringing it back to Mama or Dad for more!


  • The Last Set- VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home

    This LJ’s favorite set to go in and play with CK. The Smart Friend is “Norah,” And each portion in the house with the interactive plate has her say different silly sayings. The girl’s LOVE to put her in the elevator and watch it go up and down on it’s own.


Overall we loved the sets we got and cannot wait to add some more this Christmas. I liked that unlike the Fisher Price house(although we love their other toys) the house was interactive and allowed our girls to learn while playing!


**Note- All opinions and statements above are my own and I was not provided these products nor paid to review them. **