Oh yes- that’s right, I brought church into this! If religion offends you in any way, please look elsewhere.

I have had some friends recently inquire about my going back to church and asking some questions about why I had left so I thought I would share…

I was raised Catholic by my mom and stepdad. We went to church most weekends and my step brother and I attended catechism. I always found Catholic church odd, most people didn’t talk to people who were not their family and you spend most of mass repeating what someone else tells you to say. I never felt moved by the music and honesty, as a kid, it was super boring.

However, in sixth grade I battled with eating disorders and depression. I did not understand why I felt the way I felt and was certain there was no God because of it. Shortly after I chose to stop attending church. I was belittled by my sibling for my fallen faith. But it was my decision and I never out ruled church or said I would never go back. I just needed my own space to decide how I felt about spirituality without anyone else’s opinion.

Fast forward to age 20…. You see Layla was conceived while on birth control and my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were supposed to have limited chances of ever conceiving for health reasons. We found out we were pregnant at almost 11 weeks along. In many ways, she is our miracle, bringing so much light into our lives. I felt this pull to return to church because of this.  I did not know what denomination or even what I wanted out of a church. I went back to my old churches a few times, tried another church close to home (all Catholic) and I never felt like I belonged. So, I waited. We raised Layla to pray and started introducing God into her life as she has gotten older.

Then after we had CK last year the urge to find a church that valued our youth and that I felt at home in became a priority. I booked a Mom to Mom event a church in Sterling Heights for myself to run an It Works booth at. When I went to go to lunch I was talking to the two ladies in the vestibule who were taking tickets. One of the women, we will call her E, just got me. I stood in front of the door talking to her for over two hours. TWO. HOURS. We had so much in common and it felt like I had known her forever. We talked about religion, kids, marriage, family, the harsh realities of life, and lastly… She invited me to come.

I waited. I was excited but I did not know what to expect. I did not know what service was like outside of a Catholic Church. I researched, like I for everything hahaha. Looked at Facebook, at their website, added some people from there to see what first impressions I could gather. They had a ladies group. They have several different ages of youth groups. They have a nursery. So, after three weeks, I went.

I packed up two girls in their Sunday best and went to church. We have been going for 6 weeks now and I am so happy I met E who talked to me about the church. My girls love nursery and VBS, everyone is SO SO friendly, and I feel like I belong. The first time we went my favorite bible story was part of the message, the girls sing, and they dance. I never thought I would feel like I BELONG in a church until now. The blessings I feel from just going are already worth the long wait I had to go back. I understand not everyone will get this and that’s ok. This is just how I feel and wanted to share for those interested!

Thank you for reading