So it has been a week since I joined the gym and I have not died and I am still going! I worked out Friday, Saturday, Thursday, and Friday night! I also walked over 3 miles at the zoo last Sunday and moved an entire garage around Saturday and Sunday.! I am still pushing myself to go the 12 hours without eating from night-morning. It is hard but I notice myself eating less and not eating from boredom, so win win here.

And the results are in…………………………. Down 6/6.5 lbs since Friday!

I weighed 189 when I checked myself Friday night last week and Friday night I was 182.5. So So happy! I have also almost cut out coffee (because I like coffee with my cream soooo not really healthy or beneficial), only had fast food on my cheat day ( a Happy Meal haha), and only 3 cokes in a week! I gave up pop for over 3 years so it is strange to strive to drink less and I do not by any means drink a lot as we do not even buy it when we grocery shop. I would just like to make it a rare occurrence rather than a 2-3 times a week occurrence as it serves NO benefit.

Monday was rough to wake up to after being so active all weekend and my post 2 c-section abs were just not happy about being woken up and being used 😛

I plan to post measurements again after a month, I just want to be able to see decent progress. Below are my one week pictures and here is to another week! I already see  a change in my stomach and my posture!

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