When we got pregnant with CK, I realized our girls birthdays would be fairly close: LJ is July 22nd and CK’s due date was 8/18. I figured I would do LJ’s a week early and CK’s a week late and we would be all good. Then CK was born 7/30 and I realized these girls would have to share a birthday party. As if sharing a party isn’t enough for two kids, they are FIVE years apart!

Hubs and I have strong feelings about making sure each of our children feels valued as themselves, separate from their sibling. We make time with each of them separately to try to squash as much jealously as we can. Of course, this does not always work since LJ was the first grand-baby on both sides for over 5 years…. and she is a tad dramatic, dunno where she gets it from 😛

So when we started party planning for this year’s first combined party we made sure there were things for each girl.

  • LJ- picked the theme (Frozen Fever), wanted Little Cesar’s Pizza and Granny’s surprise (recipe below, it’s AMAZING), and my mother in law surprised her with a bounce house and snow cone machine!
  • CK-smash cake, her water table, and there was mostaccioli (any pasta is her favorite)
  • I ordered invites off of Etsy- Design Trunk Invites designed them and customized to whatever I asked! She was super easy to work with and recommend to her anyone needing invites! invite

Overall, the party went fabulous! I went over to my MIL’s house the day before to clean up and the girls stayed with my mom and stepdad for the night, allowing us to prep the house and then go over the next more to finish setting up. LJ screamed when she saw the bounce house, CK LOVED the snow cone machine, and it was great seeing friends and family. Only issue was CK decided she did not want to open her presents, which worked out so big sister could be the star of that show.

Now let the planning begin for next year….