This chart-I swear it will be the death of me. I hate going to the doctors and having to look at this! Being 4’10 3/4″ (yes, absolutely that 3/4 matters) is CLEARLY a disadvantage! Recommended weight for me? 90-120…… Rrrightttt

Why is working out so hard? Not the actual act of working out but getting ourselves motivated to go there?! We all have motivational and inspirational accounts saved on Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogs and STILL we drag our feet. Two weeks ago, I decided when CK turned one, I was going back. I missed running, I missed the endorphin’s that make my anxiety disappear and mostly, I miss way I felt healthy when I ran 3 times a week.

Life has happened and although that is much of why I have not been to the gym since October 2014, I have been lazy and needed a kick in my own butt. So, I signed up at a gym! Last night was my first night back and below are my “before the gym pictures”

Side note- these are not my before pictures, I was my heaviest after being on Zoloft for PPD/PPA in February. I weighed more then after two months on the medication than I did the day I have CK! My highest weight- not pregnancy related was 220lbs in February this year. I have gotten down to 190 without exercise, just more water and the It Works System since then.

I know to have several goals for myself, as it is just the way my OCD/Number Loving self works!

  1. 175lbs- My weight before being put on Zoloft- Thank you breastfeeding for that quick post partum weight loss
  2. 160lbs- My weight pre daughter No. 1!
  3. 150lbs-Get’s me out of the Obese range

I measured myself last night too, to give myself a way to hold myself accountable, as if posting before pictures on a PUBLIC blog doesn’t hold me accountable (an combat bad self-esteem)!Arms- 14in Waist-40 Stomach-45 Hips-46 Chest-48 Thighs-26

     The gym wasn’t bad! I mentally prepared myself for the worst case scenario, my mile would be over 18 (where I started when I started running in 2012). However…. I ran two miles in 25 minutes! I will take it! My fastest was low 11 mile minute so 12.5, is a GREAT starting place! I did a ten minute warm up on the arc treader, did machines for abs/back/legs, and finished with my running. I can truly say I LOVED how I felt when I walked out and will be going back this evening (shockingly, I am not that sore!)


Because if you don’t take a gym selfie- it didn’t really happen ;P