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I’m Back!

Starting to get back into the groove of things in the new house! Will be updating blog soon! Pictures of the house, a life update, new recipes, and of course more reviews to come!

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Walking with Stride Rite

img_4233When Layla was little one of hubs aunts bought LJ Stride Rite shoes, and we loved them. The way they fit, the excellent customer service in store and the stylish options they offer make them our go to for toddler and kid shoes.

This time around, once CK started standing we got her first pair of Stride Rite shoes. When we went into the store to have her measured we heard about their Soft Motion line of shoes which are designed to help little ones become more stable, have a wide opening to get their feet into (while leaving them room to grow), and have memory foam insoles to conform to their little feet. We got a pair and have loved them so when Bzz Agent and Stride Rite were doing a promo I knew we had to join in (especially because CK’s shoes were about to not fit anymore, why do they grow so fasttttt!?).


I had big sister help pick them out, since she wanted to be involved, so we ordered the denim and pink tennis shoes. They came yesterday and they are ADORABLE. Last night,  cue Fall weather FINALLY, we took them for a walk to break them in and see how she did in them.Not only are they cute but she walks so good in them and even tries to run! #StrideRite #StridRiteStyle #GotItFree

*Note I received the shoes as part of a promotion between BzzAgent and Stride Rite, however, all views and thoughts are my own 🙂 *


6-Year Old Thoughts

img_3793Our oldest often says things that I honestly cannot believe she comes up with. Thursday night she went with me to visit our cousin and her baby which brought out a slew of hilarious musings of a six year old girl.

“Mom, does it hurt to have a baby?”

-Yes honey but it is worth it

“Well then I only want one baby, I mean if it happens and I get more, it happens. But I only would like one”

-Well then why are you telling me to have more babies?

“Because you are my mom and I like brothers and sisters. You already had the pain, you’ll be ok”


“Mom why does the hospital keep you after you have a baby?”

-Because they have to make sure you and the baby are healthy and safe

“Well once the baby is out they should just send you home or let you live here”


(To my cousin) “Where did your baby come out of?”

-I’ll let your mom explain that


-Because my mom explained it to me and your mom can explain it to you


(To every baby she sees) “It’s so cute, I love them”

This is just SOME of what our spontaneous, smart little girl’s thoughts. Be prepared as I write some more down to share 🙂