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An Honest Mama’s List of Breastfeeding Essentials

Hi Y'all! It has been a crazy week in the Marsh household! Between hubs and I working our normal jobs this week my part time job has gained a little steam! Working for VIPKID can be exhausting but the extra income is sure nice. Aside from the extra cash it is super gratifying for me… Continue reading An Honest Mama’s List of Breastfeeding Essentials

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An Honest Mama’s Breastfeeding Journey

Hey Y'all! Welcome to World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7)! I thought we would kick off the re-launch of the blog with something I have become SUPER passionate about! Breastfeeding! PLUS- A giveaway on Sunday! My breastfeeding journey has been a long and super crazy one. With Layla, we had a traumatic delivery that resulted in… Continue reading An Honest Mama’s Breastfeeding Journey

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An Honest Mama Update

Hey y'all! An Honest Mama Blog is preparing to return and I have some FABULOUS stuff for you! I am busy working on post prep, a giveaway (or two), and of course some fabulous reviews for the new launch! As always you can count me for an honest, blunt, and sometimes comical opinion! While I… Continue reading An Honest Mama Update


Weight Loss Update-Month 2

The scale is NOT your friend. Why? Because I crept back up to 198 even with being more consistent with workouts! However..... I fit into my size 10 work pants sooo, numbers are not everything. I have been tracking what I eat more and started carb cycling again last week and am already down 4.5… Continue reading Weight Loss Update-Month 2

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Top Ten-Toddler Toys

Hey everyone! I have been working on this post for a while! I thought with the Holidays approaching I would get it on up in case anyone needs some inspiration! In no particular order..... Smart Wheels/Friends/Animals by Vtech- We already own three of these sets and have two more on CK's Christmas list! I have loved Vtech since… Continue reading Top Ten-Toddler Toys

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Olay Ultimate Eye Cream-Review

Raising small children is hard, tiring work!(any mom can tell you this) And as moms, our eyes show it first! I tend to have dark circles under my eyes-tired or not, yay genetics! I can actually run on 5/6 hours of sleep but BOY do I look it when I do! So when I got… Continue reading Olay Ultimate Eye Cream-Review

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Getting Stronger

Hey everyone, we finally are settled in from moving and I started up back at the gym this week which feels AH-MAZ-ING. However, life has it's curve balls. The last I posted PPA was creeping its sneaky way back into our lives and in the last two weeks it hit hard. I made an appointment… Continue reading Getting Stronger

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Walking with Stride Rite

When Layla was little one of hubs aunts bought LJ Stride Rite shoes, and we loved them. The way they fit, the excellent customer service in store and the stylish options they offer make them our go to for toddler and kid shoes. This time around, once CK started standing we got her first pair… Continue reading Walking with Stride Rite


Weight-loss Update-Month 1

I actually gained a few lbs (3 to be exact back the last 10 days 😦 But it is what it is. Between moving, work,  LJ starting school and CK being sick- working out was only 2 times and eating was not great. But after a super stressful weekend-ended up moving furniture a week earlier… Continue reading Weight-loss Update-Month 1